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1. THE LINE is an arbitrary straight line traced across the globe. The Institute for Linear Research will focus its research on the particular geography defined by it. 
2. The research will be conducted by walking on THE LINE. Walking allows engagement with the landscape that is unpolluted by outmoded theories or preconceived hierarchies of what is important.
3. The research is concerned with places that have thus far slipped any attention. THE LINE allows conducting a research into landscapes that we do not even know exist. THE LINE is not representative or complete if judged by taxonomies such as continents, climate zones or countries. Contemporary landscapes cannot be captured by distributing research in these categories. We believe that the random selection of spaces, that following THE LINE entails, will lead us to the unknown.
4. The Institute for Linear Research looks for project partners that are in physical proximity to THE LINE. With this guiding principle, the Institute aims to circumvent the obvious and establish new and unexpected relations between countries, museums, artists, researchers , art and architecture schools, and anyone with an interest in walking and landscape.
5. The collected research outcomes will be published as a book series under The Infinite Publication Series label. The books are not an end in themselves but rather a tool for involving people and starting a public discourse. The first volume focuses on Liechtenstein and will be available in Spring 2020. It will include essays and interviews with local experts.
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