Atlas of Remoteness. Midwest USA. 

THE LINE – Atlas of Remoteness. Midwest USA
Authors: Mary Dahlman Begley, Gabriel Cuéllar, Sophie Durbin,
Meg Lundquist, Jakob Mahla, Athar Mufreh, Derek Ronding, Drew Smith
Edited by: Luis Hilti and Matilde Igual Capdevila
Publisher: Infinite Publication Series
Language: English
Pages: 398
ISBN: 9783952529218

The new volume from the Infinite Publication Series explores hidden complexities of the American Midwest. Mixing regional history, art, geography, and architecture, Atlas of Remoteness: Midwest USA demonstrates how walking a line can uncover the unique character of the region. Each chapter represents a walk on the LINE - an invisible, theoretical, spatial device drawn across the globe at an arbitrary angle, skewed from the typical grids and geometries of the built environment. Using walking, mapping, sketching, photographing, and researching as their tools, a group of artists and architectural researchers explore themes of remoteness, property, colonization, and Americana. Atlas of Remoteness: Midwest USA is a contemplative take on the environmental, social, and architectural histories of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, and the surrounding region, that will challenge and deepen the reader’s understanding of this region.

Published by Infinite Publication Series - Institute for Linear Research, 2023

Institute for Linear Research, 2024

This project has been supported by University of Liechtenstein, Future Architecture Platform, Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein, Fürst Franz Josef von Liechtenstein Stiftung, Consorci de Museus de la Generalitat Valenciana through Cultura Online #CMCVaCasa