︎ The Institute for Linear Research (ILR) is a platform for investigating contemporary landscapes through the lens of remoteness around the Earth.
The Institute encourages everyone to walk a line and map it. The Institute offers workshops along Parallels and it consists of humans who have walked along THE LINE at some point in their lives.
The findings are continually published through the Infinite Publication Series, as an independent press dedicated to expanding the Atlas of Remoteness.

Linear Projects


THE LINE is defined by two points. One point is the onset of the first walk by the Institute for Linear Research (guesthouse Sücka, Liechtenstein) the other one is the coordinate of the first exhibition on remoteness by the ILR (Palazzo Trevisan, Venice).
︎︎︎To become a member of the ILR, you may chose a point on THE LINE, go there and start walking along THE LINE, explore remoteness, send your findings to the Institute for Linear Research and publish your research in the Infinite Publication Series and contribute to THE LINE: Atlas of Remoteness

Parallels are lines offset from THE LINE, anywhere on earth. Each new parallel extends the emerging linear coordinate system which is ordered by directionality rather than distance.
︎︎︎To become a collaborator of the ILR, you may chose a point on the Earth and draw a Parallel to THE LINE, embark on a collaboration with the ILR along the Parallel, exploring remoteness through Linear Research and together with the ILR compile your findings and publish them in the IPS’s Linear Archive within the series Parallels: Atlas of Remoteness
a line

a line is an imaginary line without curvature projected on the earth.
︎︎︎To become a contributor to the Atlas of Remoteness, you may chose a line on the Earth, get a Linear Logbook from the ILR, walk along the chosen line, map remoteness and send the logbook to the Institute to be published on the IPS’s Linear Archive

Infinite Publication Series 

The Infinite Publication Series (IPS) is an independent press that focuses on publications resulting from Linear Research on contemporary landscapes.

Atlas of Remoteness
The Atlas of Remoteness consists of books on remoteness on THE LINE, Parallel and a line, published by the IPS

THE LINE - Atlas of Remoteness are commercially available books based on research projects along THE LINE.
Parallels - Atlas of Remoteness are books created collaborativly during workshops in low numbers, published on the Linear Archive

 Parallels collection 

a line - Atlas of Remoteness are individually filled Linear Logbooks published on the Linear Archive
Linear Logbooks are notebooks for Linear Research conceived and printed by IPS with the purpose of mapping remoteness along a line

a line collection 
Available now!
︎ To receive a free Linear Logbook, outline your endeavour in a letter or card to: Infinite Publication Series
Gapont 2b
9495 Triesen

Linear Research

Linear Research is based on imposing non-effective, imaginary lines on contemporary landscapes. Not to be confused with its conceptual opposite: effective lines, such as territorial borders. Methods of Linear Research include, but are not limited to Linear Walking and Linear Mapping.

Linear Walking
Linear Walking is understood as the locomotion of the human body and includes but is not limited to ambulating, climbing, canoeing, swimming and roping in a straight line across a given territory
Linear Mapping
Linear Mapping means the translation of sensory experience, reasoning or imaginations that occur during linear walks to paper
Linear informational research
Linear informational research relates to retrieving and connecting information of any kind related to spaces crossed by a straight line

Contact ︎

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to join the Institute or have a concept for a walk.
Send us an e-mail to: info@instituteforlinearresearch.org
or, even better, a letter to:
Institute for Linear Research
Gapont 2b
9495 Triesen

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The Institute was founded by Luis Hilti and Matilde Igual Capdevila in 2019 as a follow-up of the project THE LINE, developped with Studio Venice, representing Liechtenstein at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2018.
Luis works as an architect and researcher in Triesen, Liechtenstein.
Matilde works as an urban researcher in Valencia, Spain.
Together they have collaborated in various projects since 2009.

Members ︎

Anyone who has walked THE LINE becomes a member of the Institute for Linear Research. Membership does not entail any obligation.

Ahmed Elsoudy
Alexander Sokolov
Alkistis Thomidou
Bianca Böckle
Eddie Sardeng
Enrique Hernández González
Hanna Hajda
Holger Dörner
Jin Yiran
Kateryna Dyma
Luis Hilti
Martin Mràz
Matilde Igual Capdevila
Megan Quirey
Michelle Rheinberger
Nina Beck
Nina Meusburger
Pavle Stamenovic
Philipp Entner
Rüya Hilal Aydede
Sami Akkach
Sofia Liberali 
Tatjana Probst
Ümit Mesci
Athar Mufreh
Derek Ronding
Drew Smith
Gabriel Cuellar
Jakob Mahla
Megan Lundquist
Mary Begley
Sben Korsh
Sophie Durbin

Tim Wetter

Institute for Linear Research, 2024

This project has been supported by University of Liechtenstein, Future Architecture Platform, Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein, Fürst Franz Josef von Liechtenstein Stiftung, Consorci de Museus de la Generalitat Valenciana through Cultura Online #CMCVaCasa