a line
Atlas of Remoteness

This Linear Logbook is a tool for mapping remoteness while walking along a line.
Feel free to draw, paint, scribble, jot down thoughts and impressions and glue photos and found artefacts.

Send us an e-mail or a postcard letting us know a little bit about you and about where you would like to walk and we will send you a free copy.
For publication as part of the Atlas of Remoteness please return the logbook once filled out by mail to:
Institute for Linear Research
Gapont 2b
9495 Triesen (Liechtenstein)

a postcard sent by Arana from Madrid, 2022.   a postcard sent by Arana from Madrid, 2022.

Idea by Matilde Igual Capdevila, Luis Hilti
Designed by Studio Krispin Hée

Published by Infinite Publication Series - Institute for Linear Research, 2021
24 pages 

a line contributors so far:
Laura Arana
Daniel Haingartner
Lilian Hasler

︎︎︎a line from El Escorial to Granja de San Ildefonso, Spain by Laura Arana
Check her website here

“You can easily point to a  a tunnel on a map; it's pretty simple, usually is just a straight line that goes through a mountain. My line intends to do the same thing, running through a mountain range called Sierra de Guadarrama, but with a slight difference. It won't drill; it will flow outdoor, freely under the sky, adjusting to its most remote folds and places. And as if it were an actual tunnel, my line will have two entrances: the monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial and the royal palace of La Granja de San Idelfonso. Two historical landmarks of Spanish past times.
I won't be the first or the last person traveling through the Sierra de Guadarrama. This mountain range has been crossing paths from the old ages, back in the Roman Empire. But I'll certainly be the first one crossing it under "The Line" guidelines: an unusual way to get to its wildest and unknown parts. It will be a different journey through a territory where nature still wins. Sierra de Guadarrama is a national park that proudly resists the immense human pressure of a close big city like Madrid with more than 6 million inhabitants.
So my tunnel, my line, will be a travel in time and place, through memories hidden in the pine trees, the holm oaks, the granite walls, the fountains, and the silent animals that live in this fantastic hidden gem in central Spain

︎︎︎a line near Berlin, Germany by Daniel

︎︎︎ a line in Venice, Italy by Lilian

︎︎︎ a line across Austria by Luis

︎︎︎ a line across the South of Valencia by Matilde

Institute for Linear Research, 2024

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