a line
Atlas of Remoteness


This Linear Logbook is a tool for mapping remoteness while walking alo ng a line. Feel free to draw, paint, scribble, jot down thoughts and impressions and glue photos and found artefacts.

Send us an e-mail or a postcard letting us know a little bit about you and about where you would like to walk and we will send you a free copy.
For publication as part of the Atlas of Remoteness please return the logbook once filled by mail to:
Institute for Linear Research
Gapont 2b
9495 Triesen (Liechtenstein)

a postcard sent by Arana from Madrid, 2022.   a postcard sent by Arana from Madrid, 2022.

Idea by Matilde Igual Capdevila, Luis Hilti
Designed by Studio Krispin Hée

Published by Infinite Publication Series - Institute for Linear Research, 2021
24 pages 

︎︎︎a line near Berlin, Germany by Daniel

︎︎︎ a line in Venice, Italy by Lilian

︎︎︎ a line across Austria by Luis

This project was supported by University of Liechtenstein, Future Architecture Platform, Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein, Fürst Franz Josef von Liechtenstein Stiftung
Institute for Linear Research, 2022