Artifacts found on THE LINE in Liechtenstein. Contributed by Alexander Sokolov

These are the only three kilometers going through Austria. Almost unwalkable.


Santuario della Madonna del Buso, in Gallio

V! Event. A one day event hosted at Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi around remoteness and storytelling. 2018

I santi Vincenzo Ferreri, Giacinto e Ludovico Bertrando. Giambattista Piazzetta. 1738. Chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario detta dei Gesuati, Venezia


Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi during the Venice Biennale of Architecture in May 2018.

Walker under Il People Mover di Venezia

THE LINE across South Tyrol. Right next to the Messner Mountain Museum Ortles -one of the six exhibition venues initiated by the popular mountaineer Reinhold Messner.At MMM Ortles Reinhold Messner tells of the Terrors of Ice and Darkness, Snow People and Snow Lions, the Whiteout and the Third Pole. An interesting article on Messner's museums can be fund here:

THE LINE across Dorsoduro, Venice

At Tronchetto facing Marghera

Wholesale Fish market. Port of Venice

Butrint Peninsula and its archeological sites, near the Ksamil peninsula

A street on THE LINE in the village of Vrinë, Vlorë County
︎ Parallel T




Ta delfinakia tou Amvrakikou (Dolphins of Amvrakikos), a 1993 film by Dinos Dimopoulos


Halayeb triangle - Carnegie Middle East Center
The uninhabited islands of Muhun and Nahleg, part of the Dahlak archipelago in the Red Sea

Balbala, a vast suburb of Djibouti City. The suburb has formed since 1966 when access to the city was restricted.

Port of Doraleh, an extension of the Port of Djibouti, 5 Km away from Djibouti city


Settlements in the Dollo Zone in the Somali region of Ethiopia. This zone has a road density of 0.0 kilometers per 1000 square kilometers.
Godinlabe, a town in Galgaduud, Somalia

Desroches island in the Pacific Ocean is one of the smallest islands of the Seychelles. Entirely devoted to a luxury hotel.

"On Desroches Island, there is nothing to distract you from tranquillity, save for the sound of birds singing and an ocean breeze that invites you to come a little closer. We’re the only resort on this captivating coral island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where the beaches belong to no one and everyone at the same time. Our rustic villas and suites are intimate retreats and will make you feel like a castaway who has struck gold." From the Four Seasons website.

Desroches is a part of the Outer Islands, also known as Coraline Seychelles. The local Seychellois Creole name for the outer islands is Zil Elwannyen Sesel, while the French name is Îles Eloignées: faraway islands.
French Polynesia


Faro Mulegé, Baja California Sur

United States of America


From the Lone Tree Literary Society - dedicated to preserving the childhood impression of novelist-photographer Wright Morris

THE LINE across the Mississippi River



Nain, the northernmost permanent settlement in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, within the Nunatsiavut region

A Celtic Border and The Line - contribution by Megan Quirey

United Kingdom
UK border in Ireland

Penmon Point or Black Point (Trwyn Du) as it is also known locally is the most easterly point on Anglesey. The Point is private land currently owned by the Baron Hill estate in Beaumaris, but allow access for a small fee payable at Penmon Priory.
Phare de Walde near Calais, built in 1857, now preserved as a monument

The Calais Jungle (known officially as Camp de la Lande) was a refugee and migrant encampment in the vicinity of Calais, France that existed from January 2015 to October 2016. There had been other camps known as jungles in previous years, but this particular shanty town drew global media attention during the peak of the European migrant crisis in 2015, when its population grew rapidly. Migrants stayed at the camp while they attempted to enter the United Kingdom, or while they awaited their French asylum claims to be processed.

The municipal theater of Denain, a former mining town

Étang de la Lobiette

Pflumenschlucker, a carnival figure from Bonndorf in the Black Forest

a postcard from Titisee sent by Margit Busch

THE LINE  in Germany:
  • Weisweil  
  • Forchheim am Kaiserstuhl 
  • Endingen am Kaiserstuhl  
  • Riegel am Kaiserstuhl  
  • Teningen / Reute / Denzlingen 
  • Heuweiler  
  • Stegen 
  • Buchenbach  
  • Breitnau  
  • Titisee-Neustadt  
  • Lenzkirch  
  • Bonndorf 
  • Stühlingen  
  • Schleitheim


Säntis is the highest mountain in the Alpstein massif of northeastern Switzerland

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